Jens Magerl website

About me

  • Trained craftsman, teacher, theologian, philosopher
  • Facilitator of systemic constellations
  • Mediator
  • Psychotherapist
  • Trained in trauma treatment: narrative exposition therapy
  • Developing new solution-focused conflict management techniques
  • Research in conflict management
  • Active research network of colleagues in Germany, UK, Ukraine, Russia

What are systemic constellations?

There is no faster way to produce a good solution to a conflict as by constellations.

How does it work?

We all carry pictures inside ourselves of the world around us, our relations, love, health, success, money, etc. These pictures coin our lives. Most of them are subconscious, hence unknown, and yet, they have a tremendous influence on us. Systemic constellations can help to make these pictures visible. In most cases, after only a few minutes we reach a substantial diagnosis. Further steps in the process will help to change those pictures for the better. Inner pictures are highly effective. So are systemic constellations.

As a trained facilitator I can offer constellations for:

  • questions concerning one´s own development
  • hidden and open problems within organisations
  • questions concerning therapies

What is mediation?

Mediation is a intelligent and successful way of conflict solution. It often produces a win-win solution for all participants. Of course, my background experience as facilitator of systemic constellations will help my to come to the point of a conflict rather quickly. If desired by clients, I combine both methods of constellations and mediation (see:

I offer mediations for conflict arenas such as families, organisations, projects, schools, relations, mobbing. I also lecture on this subject in schools and other institutions.