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Constellations are suitable for...




  • organizational processes within companies (e.g. cooperation between various departments)

  • development of new products or strategies

  • conflict solutions within parishes, groups, clubs, etc

  • mediations



Peoples projects

  • clarify the participants´motivation, priorities, and aims

  • make their projects come alive

  • shape hierarchies at work

  • sort out the money issue



Personal development

  • relationships (families, friends, men&women, men&men, women&women)

  • self-acceptance

  • archetypes within us and their potential

  • inner child

  • work with the shadow

  • psychic diseases (depression, angst, neurosis, etc)

  • somatic diseases (on the psychosomatic level)

  • trauma therapy

  • brain constellations

  • insight into behavioural patterns

  • activate inner potential

  • diagnoses